Join Us in Reducing Water-Related Mortality

Enhancing Water Safety Through Education and Training

At IDEA Public Safety (IDEAPS), our mission is to reduce water-related mortality through education and training. We believe in equipping first responders, workers, and community members with the skills and knowledge necessary to ensure safety in and around water bodies.

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IDEA Public Safety Diver Training

High-Quality Training for Special Operations

Public Safety Departments need the highest quality training available to operate safely and competently in special operations. IDEA PSD and Top Water Rescue offers your department the certification and credentials needed for your special Operations Dive Team.

IDEA PSD Protects your members and reduces liability & risk mitigation factors for fire and police special operations departments.

IDEAPS in St Petersburg Florida has a network of Instructors and Instructor Trainers throughout the United States, Asia, Europe & South America.

Partnership Invitation

We welcome agencies and individuals interested in partnering with us to achieve our shared goal of promoting water safety. Together, we can make a significant impact in our communities.

Weather and Safety Information

Stay informed with real-time weather updates, tides, winds, precipitation forecasts, and flash flood warnings. Additionally, we provide access to resources such as the Divers Alert Network (DAN) and links to NOAA and other supporting sites to enhance safety awareness.

Workforce and Children's Safety

In addition to professional workforce safety training, IDEAPS prioritizes children’s safety through exploratory events and educational initiatives.

Distinctive Specialties

IDEAPS offers mission-specific Distinctive Specialties tailored to specific regions, ensuring that participants receive training relevant to their environments and challenges.​
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