The World’s first scuba agency. Since 1952.

Public Safety

IDEA PSD Has been training Public Safety Officers since 1976

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Public Safety Departments need the highest quality training available to operate safely and competently in special operations. IDEA PSD and Top Water Rescue offers your department the certification and credentials needed for your special Operations Dive Team. IDEA PSD Protects your members and reduces liability & risk mitigation factors for fire and police special operations departments.

IDEA PSD offers Professional Training by Certified Instructors. We offer in-house instructor training and NFPA compliant certification. Call our office M-F 9:00 am to 4:00 pm for more information or talk to our training director at 727-855-4332.

IDEA Headquarters is in St Petersburg Florida. IDEA has a network of Instructors and Instructor Trainers throughout the United States, Asia, Europe & South America.

IDEA Scuba is NFPA Compliant

All IDEA PSD Training is NFPA compliant and exceeds all current NFPA standards. IDEA PSD offers NFPA compliant training in:

IDEA PSD Instructors are qualified to conduct training in several different areas of water and land based special ops.

We Offer Public Safety Diver, Public Safety Rescue Swimmer I & II, for Police, Fire, and EMS. We Offer Water Safety and basic water rescue for department personnel.
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The World's First Scuba Agency. Since 1952.